Les Contes Détaillés

Les Contes Détaillés

Alexandra Port





My Process

When a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis, they go within their cocoons and dissolve all the parts of their bodies except for the imaginal disks. These disks then use the caterpillar soup to feed themselves and grow each part of the new butterfly.  Isn’t this what I do when I make art? I dissolve my experiences and recollections in the studio and all that is left is the imagination fed by these experiences- random snipets of recollections and the world around me, filtered through my hand and needle. From them, I create something new. I am changed and reborn.

The Work

My mother, a kindergarten teacher, would read to me every night before I went to bed when I was a child.  She read her favorite picture books, Russian, Turkish, and German Fairytales, and eventually moved on to chapter books. However, it was the picture books and fairytales that have always stuck with me.  I have always loved and will always love, Boney Legs, The Spider and the Fly, Outside Over There, The Chalk Box Kid and the many fairytales she read to me.  Similar to these books, my work aims to make the creepy beautiful and to exploit pattern and line through a sense of whimsy.

In Les Contes Détaillés, I invite you to approach my work and fall into it.  Stay with each a while, like you would with a good book. Get lost in their patterns, mediate- discover something new each time you approach them. Find beauty in what may otherwise not be considered beautiful, even in the flaws.  Become acquainted with the characters and let them reach out and meet you.  Enter into my detailed stories and I’ll see you again when you get back.


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